Letter to Precision

Below is a letter written to Precision Homes from another satisfied Precision Homes owner:


To: Mr. Henry Wieghat,

Please let us re-introduce ourselves. We are Scott and Sarah Glass of Wharton TX. We first met when you came to our building sight for the lot site inspection in 1994. Within a few short weeks of our meeting, your company began construction of our Precision Home. We do not recall the name of the model we purchased, but it was a relatively new floor plan and very, very similar to the model you now call the Buena Vista II. Although we made a few changes before construction started, and it appears that you have made some additional changes to the plan over the years, all in all it is the same one we have lived in over the past 17 years. One of the best additions to our new home before construction was the addition of a 44’ x 14’ covered porch to the back of the house. You may not remember this build, but we have certainly enjoyed living in our Precision-built home for the last 17 years.

Before we settled on Precision Homes, we spent five years going around to all of “build on your lot” builders’ model home parks in the Houston area, including your company. We visited your models many time during these five years and found that your company had the right floor plan for the right price for us at the time. Another thing that impressed us was that every time we came to your showroom, the same salesman was in the office. We liked the constancy of the staff and in the information given out. The Precision staff was informative, helpful and would go the extra mile to make sure we were happy with your product. We spent a lot of time onsite during construction, from pouring the slab to the framing to drying in to the finish work and were very pleased with what we saw. All the subs were knowledgeable in their respective crafts. The old adage “you get what you pay for”, well we know we got more than what we paid for. The price for the house and a three-car garage was right at 100K. We know our home was well built, because we witnessed it being put together. Our investment was well worth the money.

It is now 17 years later and we are just months away from paying it off in full and we are still happy with our home. Yes, over the years we have made some upgrades to the flooring, counter tops and added some fresh paint, but those things are just cosmetic. The foundation and bones of the house are still as strong and true as when the house was first built. We have and will continue to recommend your company as a place to go for a good sound home for a fair price, with people who care about building the best product on the market.

We just wanted to say thank you.

Scott Glass, Wharton TX.