Green Homes

Green Building

We have all heard about “green building”. Simply put, it is building homes designed to reduce the overall impact on the environment. But what does it really mean to you? At Precision Homes, we believe that it means the efficient use of resources (energy and water) combined with reducing waste. This practical approach gives you a cost effective alternative to today’s wide range of “green building” options.

Energy Efficiency
Our energy package starts with wood sheathing that is applied to the exterior of the wall framing. This sheathing not only reduces air flow, but also adds to the structural rigidity of the home. We then wrap the exterior walls with a house wrap weatherization system to prevent water infiltration while still allowing the house to “breathe”. All exterior penetrations are filled with expandable foam followed by the installation of R-13 fiberglass wall insulation and R-38 attic insulation. Perforated soffit and continuous ridge vents provide ventilation for the attic space. Low E vinyl windows and radiant barrier roof decking reduce potential heat gain within the building envelope. Finally, a 14 SEER air conditioning system is added to provide cost effective, energy efficient cooling for the home.

Every Precision Home contains non-corrosive PEX plumbing with a manifold for efficient water distribution. Reduced flow Moen plumbing fixtures also add to the water savings of your new home.

Waste Reduction
Our plans have been reviewed by our design team to assure that the dimensional lumber used produces the smallest amount of waste possible. We use durable, weather resistant products on all exterior siding locations in order to reduce the need for replacement in the future.

Lower energy costs, increased home owner comfort and reduced environmental impact are all a part of the “green” considerations built into every Precision Home.


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